How to Buy an RV

You have got your eye on a great used RV that you found here on or at your local Used RV dealer, now what? What things do you need to consider in buying an RV? What kind of RVer are you? How are you planning to operate your used RV? Are you a weekender, vacationer, RV boondocker, a working solo, are you a snowbird, or a full-timer? If you plan to use your RV on a very limited basis, for instance short trips on the weekends in the summer, then you can look for an RV that is in satisfactory shape, but has basic features. But, if you are on the other end of the spectrum and are looking to start full-time RVing, you will need to look for a premium RV product with excellent performance that utilizes quality materials. Decide what kind of an RVer you are an how you plan to use your RV, then look for used RV's that match your needs.

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What is important to you in buying an RV?

Do you want to buy an RV, but have a limited budget? Than price might be the deciding factor for you and you should look at an RV that is in good shape but does not have all of the bells and whistles. Buying a Used RV can be perfect for you because just like automobiles, RV's start to depreciate as soon as you take them off of the lot. Maybe you are a mid-range buyer where quality and price are factors. Economy or Mid-range buyers might find their perfect fit in a used travel trailer, used pop up camper, used fifth wheel, or used Class B or Class C motorhome. Or maybe you are an upper-end buyer where quality and style are the factors you consider most in buying an RV. If you are an upper-end buyer, maybe a great used Class A Motorhome will meet your needs. Decide what components are important to you in an RV and keep these in the back of your mind while conducting your search.

Learn how to buy an RV

How can you be sure that beautiful Used RV that you are looking to buy from your used RV dealer is going to be the right choice for you? First of all, buy a used RV from a reputable RV Dealer or private party. You can start your search with the Used RVs list that we have compiled here. Second of all, be an educated buyer who knows what comparable resale values for the used RV you are looking to buy, what materials are higher quality, run a CARFAX report on the unit, read all of the "First Time RV Buyer" information sheets on the Internet that you can find, and read through Rv forums like Lastly, make sure you and a professional who knows what they are talking about, walk through the RV and point out all problems with the RV, come to an agreement with the dealer on which issues will be fixed, then do not take delivery of the RV until the issues have been addressed. If you do find problems with the RV, negotiate the price with the RV Dealer and/or insist on fixes. Most reputable used RV dealers want to make you a satisfied RV buyer.

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